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Lip Cancer

Treatment and Reconstruction

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The lip is the most common site of malignancy in the head and neck region. Although high cure rates can be achieved by early treatment, a significant percentage of lip cancers demonstrate aggressive behaviour, posing management difficulties. Given the aesthetic and functional significance of the lip, reconstruction post surgery is also extremely important, yet this, too, can be challenging.

This textbook is intended as a comprehensive reference that will provide easy-to-follow and well-organized guidance on the management of lip cancer, from diagnosis to treatment and reconstruction. After discussion of anatomy and premalignant conditions, detailed attention is paid to squamous cell carcinoma of the lip. Surgical management is explained, and the roles of radiation therapy and chemotherapy, discussed. Reconstruction techniques following ablative surgery are then described in depth, with reference to defect size and complexity. In addition, the potential complications of treatment and reconstruction are presented, with advice on their management. The closing chapter considers other malignant lesions of the lip.

The informative text is complemented by high-quality illustrations and clinical and radiographic material. The contributors all have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the topics they address.


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