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CT Colonography

Virtual Colonoscopy


Expert Coach for CT Colonography

CT colonography, also known as virtual colonoscopy, is a modern radiological procedure to detect changes in the large bowel. Based on 55 cases, this book presents the fascinating diversity of the method. Designed clearly and systematically, it provides indispensable general and detailed information for the beginner as well as the experienced reporter. Special attention has been given to linking endoscopic, surgical and histological reports, and showing the corresponding images. In addition to numerous photographs of high quality, schematic illustrations and tables are given to clarify the various pathologies. The Take-home message at the end of each case provides valuable tips for clinical routine, and also draws attention to potential pitfalls a diagnostician may encounter. The experienced author, Gernot Böhm, has been able to design the book in a very practical way. It therefore serves as an extremely useful aid in reporting CT colonography, and may well be compared to an expert coach who could be consulted at any time.



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