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Modified Inferior Turbinoplasty

A New Surgical Approach

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Humans can resist 40 days without eating and 4 days without drinking, but only 4 minutes without breathing: this tells us much about its fundamental importance. Restoring an efficient nasal function is a very important - and in some cases crucial - issue.

This book describes an innovative surgical technique called modified inferior turbinoplasty, which offers an excellent solution to the problems associated with the lower turbinate hypertrophy. A turbinate (or nasal concha) is a long, narrow, curled bone shelf that protrudes into the breathing passage of the nose. Most surgical interventions treat only the soft parts of hypertrophic turbinates and often lead to relapse. With this technique, in contrast, all anatomic parts of the turbinate are treated and swabs in the nose are completely avoided, which is fundamental for patients well-being and a quicker recovery.

The book will be very useful for othorinolaryngologists, plastic surgeons, endoscopic and maxillofacial surgeons.

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