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Evaluation of Gastrointestinal Motility and its Disorders

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1st ed. 2016

This multi-authored book covers most aspects of evaluation of gastrointestinal motility - a field that has been expanding in recent times largely due to advances in diagnostic modalities; coupled with this, new evidences supporting best practices have increased the interest among clinical gastroenterologists, researchers, teachers and trainees in gastrointestinal motility and its disorders. New advances in the field of evaluation of functional bowel diseases and motility disorders, such as high-resolution manometry, 24-h pH impedance monitoring, Bravo capsule pH-metry, barostat, balloon expulsion test, barium and MR defecography, biofeedback, hydrogen breath tests, motility capsule (smartpill) etc. have significantly expanded the scope and outcome of treating these disorders.

The chapters have been contributed by a well-conversant group of experts from the global academia, including India, Singapore, Thailand, Korea and Australia, integrating the body of knowledge on evaluation methods with evidence of best practices for the management of motility disorders. A chapter on how to set-up a manometry laboratory provides key information for clinicians and researchers who are planning to start working in this area.

With 11 chapters in the book supported with numerous tables, flow charts, schematic diagrams and images, professionals will find it an essential reading.

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