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Interventional Stroke Therapy

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The stroke book for radiologists.

A stroke can happen to anyone, but the risk increases with age. A common and devastating vascular disease, stroke is the second leading cause of death worldwide and the third leading cause of disability and early invalidism in Europe. Of all the organs in the body, the brain is most threatened by a decrease in blood flow because it controls so many complex functions. A major goal of treatment, then, is to protect the organ by limiting permanent structural damage to the affected region. An immediate neurologic examination and imaging workup are necessary so that specific treatment can be planned and provided. Presentations are from the knowledge of renowned experts in the diagnosis and interventional treatment of stroke and from their practical descriptions of routine diagnostic and therapeutic actions.
-Diagnosis and treatment Diagnostic procedures for specific types of occlusion and descriptions of different treatment methods
-Procedural aspects Technical details on carrying out interventional procedures
-Practice over theory Action-oriented strategies are backed by theory only where needed for practical mastery
-Recommendations and tips Summaries and recommendations from experts in the field, with practical tips, tricks, and hints for avoiding pitfalls
-Materials and instruments Up-to-date information on widely used materials and instruments such as stents, retrievers, filters, balloon systems, etc.
-Expert knowledge, image by image

Over 300 superb images from the latest generation of imaging technology By practitioners for practitioners---charting the path from diagnosis to treatment.

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