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Perloffs Clinical Recognition of Congenital Heart Disease

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6/E 2012

Dr. Joseph Perloff is joined by Dr. Ariane Marelli to bring you a new edition of Clinical Recognition of Congenital Heart Disease. This medical reference book covers the full spectrum of CHD, from infants through adults, allowing you to effectively detect these conditions as early as possible. Be at the forefront of the field with extensive coverage of the latest innovations in clinical diagnostic methods.

- Recognize the clinical manifestations at all stages of life for malpositioned, malformed, or absent cardiovascular chambers and vessels.
- Grasp the full scope of the pathophysiology of CHD with well-organized, expert guidance.
- Quickly search the contents online, download images in JPG or PPT format, and view 70 echocardiogram videos at expertconsult.com.
- Understand the appropriate diagnostic findings for each stage of life and see rich, varied examples of characteristic findings.

Obtain the most comprehensive core knowledge you need with coverage of commonly used clinically relevant diagnostic

Dr. Perloff and Dr. Marelli cover the latest in clinical recognition detection of congenital heart disease from physical appearance to imaging.

This book contains black-and-white illustrations.

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