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AFIP Atlas of Tumor Pathology Serie IV

Fascicle 16: Tumors of the Cysts of the Jaws


As the authors of thisFourth Series Atlas Tumors and Cysts of the Jaws, we recognize that nomenclature for cysts and neoplasms of the jaws is dynamic, as demonstrated by the evolving schemes based on previously unrecognized microscopic, clinical, radiographic, and therapeutic features. This edition is not an attempt to promote one nomenclature scheme versus another, but simply to present the best information available for each lesion discussed using the most current World Health Organiza­tion classification system.

While this edition continues in the American Registry of Pathology tradition of providing the most current diagnostic information available for the practicing pa­thologists, in some cases, surgeons will consult with pathologists regarding therapeutic management. Hence, information regarding peer-reviewed treatment protocols for many tumors and cysts is included in each section.

This fascicle promises to be a quality resource for pathologists, surgeons, and dentists alike for many years.



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