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Oncofertility Medical Practice

Clinical Issues and Implementation

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Oncofertility is a specialty that bridges the disciplines of reproductive endocrinology and infertility and oncology, with the goal of expanding the reproductive options of cancer patients. Given fertility risks associated with specific cancer treatments, as well as the improved long-term survival made possible by these therapies, there has been growing interest in expanding reproductive options for cancer patients. Indeed, both cancer survivors and the medical community have acknowledged the importance of patient counseling and the pursuit of fertility preservation options prior to starting cancer treatment.

Oncofertility Medical Practice: Clinical Issues and Implementation is the third in a series of timely and indispensable books on fertility preservation for cancer patients - the first one focused on advances in basic science research and the second one offered ethical, legal, and social perspectives on the theme. This book elucidates the latest practices and emerging treatments in oncofertility and provides necessary information on the successes, risks, and limitations of fertility preserving technologies. Authoritative and insightful, written by an impressive multi-disciplinary cadre of specialists, this book is a valuable up-to-date resource for all those practicing in this demanding field.

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