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Reconstruction of the Head and Neck

A Defect-Oriented Approach

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Covers the reconstruction of major soft tissue, bony, and muscular defects of the head, neck, and skull base.

The unique aspect of this text lies in its defect- oriented approach, which allows the surgeon to match the patient’s defect with one reviewed in the text to understand the options and techniques for an optimal reconstruction.

- The defect- oriented approach makes this book stand out from the competition in this difficult area..
- Authors have organized the chapters by specific defect, so readers can easily find the reconstructive options for their patients
- Experts cover the reconstruction of major soft tissue, bony and muscular defects of the head, neck, and skull base in detail
- More than 200 color illustrations help clarify the surgical methods described in the text
- Experienced surgeons review approaches to reconstruction and the fine points that surgeons need to know for the best outcomes
- For each defect, the steps in the procedure, the orientations of the flap, and the details that confer excellent surgical results are covered

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