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Internal Medicine

An Intensive Review


Internal Medicine: An Intensive Review is a succinct yet comprehensive clinical reference. Physicians will find it a practical daily resource on pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management, and trainees will find it an accessible review and study guide for examination preparation. This authoritative, thorough volume provides in-depth coverage on all specialties of internal medicine, as well as palliative care, occupational medicine, psychiatry, and geriatric medicine. Chapters focus on disease mechanisms as well as clinical diagnosis and patient management, including current therapies and new developments.

Editors Ajay K. Singh and Joseph Loscalzo recruited leading authorities from Brigham and Women's Hospital, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, and other top institutions to contribute to this book. Featuring over 300 figures and numerous tables, chapters offer detailed discussions with emphasis on essential learning points, supplemented by over 600 self-assessment questions and answers. Over 100 chapters are organized into 10 broad sections, with one additional section dedicated to review questions.



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