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Neuropathology Evaluation: An Analytic Approach from Pathologic Features to Diagnosis


The purpose of this book is to present the reader with a quick reference to supplement analytical thinking. It starts with examining the tissue (just like a clinician examines the patient) and work its way through analyzing the findings to reach a diagnosis. In doing so, it simulates the actual practice setting of the pathologist. In that setting, the pathologist receives a specimen, examines it grossly, then microscopically and identifies one or more features. The usual problem comes down to what to do with these findings and where to go from there. This book aims to address such practical issues by discussing the significance of these findings for the diagnostician. In reality, while the pathologist has the knowledge of the diseases, rarely does any specimen present with the perfect appearance for a particular entity. Instead, one identifies a few findings, narrows down the differential diagnosis to several out of literally hundreds, then looks for other findings and performs additional studies to sort through them. The proposed book is limited to the actual practical aspects of neuropathology practice. The details are composed of various pitfalls, what is being looked for and why. Where relevant, other details, such as demographics and genetics, as well as references, are provided, as they apply to the diagnostic situation in hand. Consequently, the disease processes are grouped according to their common pathologic features.



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