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The Human Nervous System

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3/E 2011

The previous two editions of the Human Nervous System have been the standard reference for the anatomy of the central and peripheral nervous system of the human. The work has attracted nearly 2000 citations, demonstrating that it has a major influence in the field of neuroscience. The third edition is a complete and updated revision, with new chapters covering genes and anatomy, gene expression studies, and glia cells. The book continues to be an excellent companion to the Atlas of the Human Brain, and a common nomenclature throughout the book is enforced. Physiological data, functional concepts, and correlates to the neuroanatomy of the major model systems (rat and mouse) as well as brain function round out the new edition.

- Adopts standard nomenclature following the new scheme by Paxinos, Watson, and Puelles and aligned with the Mai et al. Atlas of the Human Brain (new edition in 2007)

- Full color throughout with many new and significantly enhanced illustrations

- Provides essential reference information for users in conjunction with brain atlases for the identification of brain structures, the connectivity between different areas, and to evaluate data collected in anatomical, physiological, pharmacological, behavioural, and imaging studies

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