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Contemporary Esthetic Dentistry

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Covering both popular and advanced cosmetic procedures, Contemporary Esthetic Dentistry enhances your skills in the dental treatments leading to esthetically pleasing restorations. With over 1,600 full-color illustrations, this definitive reference discusses the importance of cariology and caries management, then covers essential topics such as ultraconservative dentistry, color and shade, adhesive techniques, anterior and posterior direct composites, and finishing and polishing. Popular esthetic treatment options are described in detail, including bleaching or tooth whitening, direct and porcelain veneers, and esthetic inlays and onlays. Coverage of advanced cosmetic procedures includes implants, perioesthethics, ortho-esthetics, and pediatric esthetics, providing a solid understanding of treatments that are less common but can impact patient outcomes. Developed by Dr. George A. Freedman, a renowned leader in the field, Contemporary Esthetic Dentistry also allows you to earn Continuing Education credits as you improve your knowledge and skills.

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