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Development of Novel Vaccines / with online files/update

Skills, Knowledge and Translational Technologies

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´Development of novel vaccines´ gives an overview of the tasks in basic research leading to the final product - the vaccine and its applications, belonging to the most complex biologics in the pharmaceutical field. Distinct from most textbooks in the vaccine arena, the current issue focuses on the translational aspect, namely, how research results can be transformed into life-saving medical interventions.? Each chapter of the book deals with one important paradigm for the development of novel vaccines, along the value chain towards the final vaccine, and furthermore, with the inevitable tools required for this process. Contributions are prepared by teams of scientists, all of whom are experts in the field, most of them anchored in biomedical organizations devoted to translational culture, thereby lighting the certain topics from different views. This volume is a must read for researchers engaged in vaccine development and who really want to see their research results to become a product.

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