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Practical of MR Mammography

High Resolution MRI of the Breast


When should MR mammography be used?
How does it relate to more traditional diagnostic modalities?
When can MR mammography help to make an accurate diagnosis?
How should the exams be conducted?
For answers to these questions, turn to Practical MR Mammography by Uwe Fischer, M.D. This beautifully produced work gives you the tools to learn and understand every aspect of MR mammography - from sequence protocols and equipment settings to preoperative staging, MR-assisted interventions, and image evaluation guidelines.
Integrating epidemiological, clinical, and pathological data throughout, this practiceoriented book contains hundreds of high-quality images that illustrate both benign and malignant breast conditions. MR mammography, conventional mammograms, and breast ultrasound are directly compared, giving you the broadest possible range of options in achieving an accurate diagnosis.
Special features:
-Nearly 400 illustrations that help you visualize every clinical situation
-Interpretive diagnostic criteria, including typical contrast enhancement patterns
-Examination guidelines, including tips on patient positioning, preparation, and informed consent
-Guidelines for the evaluation of breast implants
Because of the numerous benefits associated with its use, MR imaging is becoming a more common method for the evaluation of breast disease. Here is the essential introduction for radiology residents and specialists, or any clinician new to this emerging diagnostic tool.
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