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FNA Cytology of Ophthalmic Tumors


This comprehensive and well-illustrated volume in the outstanding Monographs in Clinical Cytology series examines the spectrum of ophthalmic cytology including uveal, retinal, and orbital tumors. It includes historical perspectives, current indications, surgical techniques, and practical aspects of the cytological preparation of ophthalmic fine needle aspiration samples. The importance of a close collaboration between cytologists and ophthalmologists in the field of ophthalmic tumors is emphasized. The monograph presents high-quality illustrations accompanied by very informative legends that reveal the details of the clinical-cytological correlation evident in many of the cases managed by the authors. It presents a complete spectrum of ophthalmic tumors covering uveal melanoma, uveal metastasis, intraocular lymphoma, and orbital tumors. Recent innovations in the instrumentation and use of digital cytology in fine needle aspiration biopsy are also reviewed. This publication is an excellent reference text on rare tumors. It is highly recommended reading for ophthalmic pathologists, cytologists, and oncologists.



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