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Acupuncture for Insomnia

Sleep and Dreams in Chinese Medicine

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Sleep disorders of all kinds are extremely frequent, in particular those called insomnia, concerning 30 to 40% of the population. Inadequate treatment of insomnia can easily transform an occasional insomniac into a chronic insomniac who quite often will become dependent on the regular use of medication. Obviously any effective drug-free therapy such as acupuncture would therefore be a preferable treatment option. The many laypeople books on insomnia prove that sleeplessness is a big problem and that people are looking for help aside the Western pharmaceutical possibilities of treatment. This books offers a lot of information about an only poorly understood problem and a lot of treatment possibilities. It describes a unique treatment approach, using a simple model and a palpational diagnosis based on a channel theory concept. (The TCM pattern differentiation still has its place but secondary.) The book gives the necessary background, discusses ´normal´ sleep and sleep disorders, other sleep pathologies, and how to treat these.

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