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Encyclopedia of Tuberculosis


Tuberculosis remains one of the most devastating infectious diseases resulting in excess of one million deaths annually. Additionally, up to two billion people are carriers of TB. Because of emerging antibiotic resistance , high incidence in the third world , and co-infection with human immunodeficiency virus , tuberculosis is once again off increasing importance globally. Consequently it is timely for a new comprehensive reference work to be published on all aspects of TB. The best format for such a reference book would be an Encyclopedia.

The proposed Encyclopedia of Tuberculosis would cover all of the following areas in detail : History of TB ; Geographical distribution of TB ; Risk factors for TB ; Laboratory testing for TB ; Molecular Diagnosis of TB ; Tuberculosis of all the body systems, including the Integumentary System, The eye , the Ear , The Nose , the throat, the musculo-skeletal system , the circulatory system , the endocrine system , the digestive and hepatic system, the nervous system , the lymphatic/immune system , the urinogenital system , the respiratory system ; Genes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis ; Virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis; Cellular-Immunity to to Mycobacterium tuberculosis ; Antibody response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis; Acute phase proteins in TB ; Innate Immunity to Mycobacterium tuberculosis ; Latent Tuberculosis; Treatment for Tuberculosis ; Antibiotic resistance in Tuberculosis ; Tuberculosis and HIV co-infection ; Animal models of Tuberculosis ; Vaccines for tuberculosis ; Control programmes for tuberculosis ; Eradication of Tuberculosis.



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