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Plastic Surgery

A Problem-Based Approach


There is a significant gap in the market to produce a unique plastic surgical textbook that could be popular worldwide by offering a problem-based title for training and exam preparation purposes. This book would list the 30 most common case presentations in plastic surgery, and approach them as one would when faced with a real patient. Each chapter’s content would contain reference to the patient’s specific history, examination, investigations, management plan and finally examine the use of this evidence in creating a tailored treatment plan.

This problem-based approach is how plastic surgical problems are dealt with in the real world and also in the setting of professional exams, but the current plastic surgical texts, even the compact books, do not take this approach. Instead of being case/problem centred, these texts provide a "top-down," non-specific overview as opposed to a "bottom-up" approach.

The uniqueness of this proposed text cannot be over-emphasized, as such a book would provide a grounding for both clinical practice and exam revision, making it very appealing with doctors and allied healthcare staff. It would not be competing with any titles, but complimenting the currently available texts.



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