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Clinical Cardiac CT / with DVD

Anatomy and Function

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2/E 2011

Comprehensive and up-to-date reference
* Special emphasis on the complementary nature of anatomic and functional cardiac information
* Step-by-step guidelines for coronary CTA and triple scans
* 1,157 high-resolution CT images demonstrate the full range of normal cardiac variations and pathologic findings
* Introduction to the essentials of CT technique, normal cardiac anatomy, and anatomic anomalies
* Clinical application of cardiac CT for risk stratification, evaluation of coronary artery disease, and preoperative planning for and postoperative assessment of percutaneous cardiac procedures, including coronary stents and bypass grafts
* An accompanying DVD contains 3-D displays of anatomic relationships and cine clips of more than 200 cases that demonstrate cardiac function and valve evaluation

* Entirely new chapters address evaluation of the thoracic aorta, congenital heart disease in the adult, triple rule-out CT angiography, and the latest innovations in cardiac CT
* New information on frontier techniques, including myocardial perfusion and targeted contrast agents
* Over 500 new images. Most of the second edition images are from 256 slice CTs
* New techniques that allow the user to do what could not be done before


Kardiologie up2date

Fortbildung mit dem roten Faden

Jetzt ist Zeit für die up2date. Genau das, was Sie in der Praxis brauchen: Fortbildungsbeiträge aus allen Bereichen der Kardiologie.

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Besser kann Fortbildung nicht sein

Mit der RöFo haben Sie immer den aktuellen Wissensstand der bildgebenden Diagnostik und der interventionellen Radiologie.

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DMW. Zeit gut investiert.

Neueste medizinische Erkenntnisse, aktuelles Fachwissen und praxisorientierte Fortbildung.

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