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Manual of Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound

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2/E 2011

The use of ultrasound has revolutionized the way in which many acute injuries and conditions are managed in emergency department and critical care areas in hospitals. Emergency departments nationwide are outfitted with ultrasound equipment, allowing acute conditions to be diagnosed within critical seconds. This book is a practical and concise introduction to bedside emergency ultrasound for all critical care physicians. It covers the full spectrum of conditions diagnosed via this modality, both for guiding invasive procedures as well as diagnosis in critical-care settings. It introduces the major applications for emergency ultrasound by using focused diagnostic questions and teaching the image-acquisition skills needed to answer these questions. Images of positive and negative findings for each application (FAST, ECHO, etc.) are presented, as well as scanning tips for improved image quality. Each section also contains a review of the literature supporting each application.

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