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ADHD in Adults

A Practical Guide to Evaluation and Management

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International studies demonstrate that ADHD impacts 2% to 5% of adults worldwide, and popular awareness about the profound implications of this condition has grown markedly in the past decade. Because robust data on ADHD in adulthood only emerged recently, the vast majority of medical and mental health clinicians were not trained to assess or manage the condition. ADHD treatment rates are rising rapidly in US adults: the rate of medication treatment for the condition has been in the double-digits over the last several years and is increasing each year. Add to that the fact that pharmaceutical companies are expanding their ADHD treatment promotional efforts into European, Asian, and South American markets and it becomes even more imperative that US and international audiences have access to a reputable guide on this highly treatable condition. ADHD in Adults: A Practical Guide to Assessment and Management fills a critical niche among ADHD texts. Unlike prior works on ADHD in adults, this concise title presents not only state-of-the art, evidence-based information on the disorder and its treatment, but also practical, how-to instruction for clinicians. The text is written for a broad caregiver audience, including not only psychiatrists but also primary care physicians, psychotherapists, and related paraprofessionals. In seven easy-to-read chapters with didactic information interspersed with brief case vignettes, the authors provide a handy resource on how to efficiently deliver quality care to adults with ADHD. The authors are renowned leaders in the field from the Clinical and Research Program in Adult ADHD at Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School. This research group is the largest of its kind in the world, producing some of the most highly cited work in psychiatry. The authors have extensive experience as clinical teachers and provide clear communication of principles. With its cutting-edge, evidence-based focus and its grounding in the experience that comes from caring for thousands of cases, ADHD in Adults: A Practical Guide to Assessment and Management is the definitive, indispensable resource for all health providers who care for adult patients with ADHD.
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