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Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery

Volume 36

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Detecting residual cognitive function in disorders of consciousness (M. R. COLEMAN,? J. D. PICKARD).- Rationale for hypothalamus-deep brain stimulation in food intake disorders and obesity (N. TORRES, S. CHABARDEES,?A. L. BENABID).- Gustatory and reward brain circuits in the control of food intake (A. J. OLIVEIRA-MAIA, C. D. ROBERTS, S. A. SIMON, M. A.?L. NICOLELIS).- SEEG-guided RF-thermocoagulation of epileptic foci: A therapeutic alternative for drug-resistant non-operable partial epilepsies (M. GU?NOT, J. ISNARD,?H. CATENOIX, F. MAUGUIERE,? M. SINDOU).- Child abuse - some aspects for neurosurgeons (B. MADEA,?M. NOEKER,?I. FRANKE.- Prophylactic antibiotics and anticonvulsants in neurosurgery (B. RATILAL,?C. SAMPAIO).- The dural sheath of the optic nerve: descriptive anatomy and surgical applications (P. FRANCOIS,? E. LESCANNE, S. VELUT) -Surgical indications and techniques for failed coiled aneurysms (C. RAFTOPOULOS; with the collaboration of G. VAZ).

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