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A Practical Clinical Guide

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Caring for patients with fibromyalgia requires an understanding of the complex nature of this condition. Fibromyalgia: A Practical Clinical Guide is a state-of-the-art resource designed to clarify the controversy about fibromyalgia and to provide clinicians with the latest information about its pathogenesis and clinical evaluation, as well as evidence-based guidelines for effective treatment. This comprehensive title includes fully referenced, practical information on this fast-emerging field and provides useful clinical suggestions and practical office tools for effectively managing patients. The good news for fibromyalgia patients and their healthcare providers is that a wide range of medication, non-medication, and non-traditional therapies have been proven to effectively reduce some of the most problematic and disabling fibromyalgia symptoms. Brief case vignettes help describe many of the common presentations, concerns, and complexities typically seen in fibromyalgia patients. Invaluable graphic aids -- boxes, tables, and figures - are used widely to provide quick reference for the busy clinician seeking information. In addition, clinic-proven assessment and documentation tools for evaluating and monitoring fibromyalgia symptoms and severity are provided, along with handouts for patients to provide guidance on pain management techniques, including detailed exercise and relaxation technique instructions. A unique addition to the literature, Fibromyalgia: A Practical Clinical Guide is an indispensable reference for all clinicians who care for patients with fibromyalgia.

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