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Oxford Handbook of Medical Statistics

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* Equips readers with fundamental knowledge on how to critically appraise research evidence
* Guides the reader through the research process from design to interpretation
* Emphasizes understanding and interpreting statistics
* Provides coverage of common statistical methods used in medicine and uses real examples from medical research
* Features a wide range of topics from simple study design to complex Bayesian methods
* Written in an accessible format with many practical examples from published research
* Suitable for those conducting their own research and/or those critically appraising others' work

To practice evidence-based medicine, doctors need to understand how research is conducted and be able to critically appraise research evidence. A sound understanding of medical statistics is essential for the correct evaluation of medical research and the appropriate implementation of findings in clinical practice.
Written in an easily accessible style, the Oxford Handbook of Medical Statistics provides doctors and medical students with a concise and thorough account of this often difficult subject. It promotes understanding and interpretation of statistical methods across a wide range of topics, from study design and sample size considerations, through t- and chi-squared tests, to complex multifactorial analyses, using examples from published research. References for further reading are given for more information on specific topics.
Helping readers to conduct their own research or critically appraise other's work, this volume provides all the information readers need to understand and interpret medical statistics.

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