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Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Anaesthesia

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* Provide a concise source of knowledge and advice with widespread appeal to anyone involved in neuroanaesthesia or the management of head injuries.
* Every clinical chapter has a section on relevant aspects of surgical practice. This includes information on types of operations, their indications, and the conduct of surgery.
* Every clinical chapter ends with a "Tips and Pitfalls" section, which emphasizes the key advice and essential information which the reader really needs to know when faced with a particular type of patient or surgery.

This concise pocketbook provides accessible, clear guidelines on neuroanaesthesia and the management of head injuries. It includes information on the basic sciences relevant to the specialty; the general principles of neuroanaesthesia including preoperative assessment, management of the airway, positioning, temperature control, fluid administration, analgesia, and postoperative care. It also covers the management of surgical procedures such as craniotomy for vascular procedures, craniotomy for non-vascular procedures, spinal cord and spinal surgery, as well as neuroimaging and interventional neuroradiology procedures; paediatric neuroanaesthesia, and head injury including immediate care, surgery for evacuation of haematoma, neurosurgical critical care, and brain death. Problems and complications during anaesthesia will also be addressed.

Written by experienced consultants and experts in their field this book contains information, management suggestions and protocols to enable trainee anaesthetists and non-specialist (general) anaesthetists work successfully in clinical situations armed with knowledge and advice to perform effectively. For FRCA candidates it provides a unique source of information which can be annotated for personal learning needs.

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