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Active Middle Ear Implants

Advances in Oto-Rhino-Laryngology Vol. 69

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In recent years, methods for coupling active implants to the middle ear, round window or combinations of passive middle ear prostheses have progressed considerably. Patient selection criteria have expanded from purely sensorineural hearing losses to conductive and mixed hearing losses in difficult-to-treat ears. This book takes into consideration recently developed methods as well as devices in current use. It begins with a fascinating and authentic history of active middle ear implants, written by one of the main pioneers in the field. In the following chapters, leading scientists and clinicians discuss the relevant topics in otology and audiology. Treatments for sensorineural hearing loss, conductive and mixed hearing losses, and results on alternative coupling sites such as the stapes footplate and the oval window are also covered, as well as articles on candidacy and cost-effectiveness.
This publication is a must for ENT professionals and surgeons seeking out the latest knowledge on current research and clinical applications of active middle ear implants for all types of hearing loss.

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