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Breast Surgical Techniques and Interdisciplinary Management

Office Management and Surgical Techniques

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If one were looking for a one-word description of both clinicians’ and patients’ reaction to a diagnosis of breast cancer that word would be 'complexity'. As in most complex situations, the expertise of many parties is required. Breast cancer management, in fact, has become the textbook example of multidisciplinary patient management. The purpose of Breast Techniques and Interdisciplinary Management is to bring experts together to provide a comprehensive, best practice-based approach so that clinicians provide the best possible outcomes for their patients. There are many excellent textbooks available on the broad topic of breast disease, the inevitable question (raised by the editors themselves before undertaking this project) is simple: why another breast book? Breast Techniques and Interdisciplinary Management was written with the intention of providing exactly what the title indicates: an interdisciplinary approach to the management of breast disease, with a focus on current surgical best practices. The expert chapter authors from many medical specialties provide insight into the complicated management of breast cancer patients. Designed not just for residents and fellows, but also for clinicians whose practices are changing, Breast Techniques and Interdisciplinary Management provides practical patient management, with each chapter containing both 'key concepts' and 'best practice' advice. In fact, the bread-and-butter chapters mirror the patient experience from diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and survivorship. From the foreword: The great complexity of decisions and care, from diagnosis to eventual follow-up, is well illustrated in this book, whose concise chapters present the individual contributions of specialists and the integrated, multifaceted nature of each of the many steps needed in the best care of women with breast cancer. Each chapter is an easy to review summary by an expert of these many facets of care integrating particular skills for the common good of contemporary patient management... General surgeons, surgical residents, medical students, and allied professionals will all be aided by the ability to quickly review the individual skills and knowledge needed for modern breast cancer care.

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