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Wintrobe's Atlas of Clinical Hematology

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This Atlas provides physicians with a pictorial guide to the incresingly complex field of diagnostic hematology. The atlas combines a concise clinically oriented writing style with approximately 600 high-resolution digital images. Many of the illustrations in the current edition of Wintrobe's Clinical Hematology have been combined with those from the author's own files. The book will enable readers to "see" and eradily comprehend diseased tissues and understand the complex assays routinely used in the care of patients wirh haematological diseases. The atlas includes sets of large, brilliantly sharp, colour-balanced photomicrographs of "pertinent diagnostic fileds" taken through a microscope equipped with high aperture objectives and an ultra high-resolution camera. The book and companion website are designed with many colours pictures, diagrams, and tables to encourage readers to use "algorithmic" approaches to establishing diagnoses. The book features a comprehensive pictorial collection of diseseases, including all of the major diseases outlined in the Wintrobe text and all of the major haemotolymphoid disorders recognised by WHO. Two complementary formats allow readers to approach haematological diseases from either the perspective of classical disease categorization that mirrors the format of Wintrobe's text, or by an image-directed approach, that is based upon morphological pattern recognition in diseased tissues.
A companion website includes the fuly searchable text, images that can be viewed using virtual microscopy with a zoom feature, and approximately 80 minutes of instructional video complete with full audio.

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