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Immunohistochemistry: Basics and Methods

Basics and Methods

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While many excellent texts and monographs exist which cover various aspects of immunohistochemistry, the lack of a concise comprehensive guide to using the field s methods was a major motivation for the authors to write this book.
The authors carefully selected the methods and easy-to-adopt protocols discussed. In addition to estabished techniques, special attention was paid to current developments in immunohistochemistry such as antigen retrieval, signal amplification, the use of epitope tags, multiple immunolabeling, and diagnostic immunohistochemistry. All procedures examined have been tested by the authors; many are routinely used in daily practice in their institute. Each chapter starts with a short introduction to the respective method s underlying principles before presenting step-by-step protocols and instructions, including precise recipes for all materials needed. Thus, the book is suitable for a broad audience, ranging from students and technical assistants to experienced researchers.

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