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Imaging of Brain Tumors with Histological Correlations

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2/E 2011

This volume provides a deeper understanding of the diagnosis of brain tumors by correlating radiographic image features to the underlying pathology. Theoretical considerations and illustrations depicting common and uncommon imaging characteristics of various brain tumors are presented. All modern imaging modalities are used to complete a diagnostic overview of brain tumors with emphasis on recent advances in diagnostic neuroradiology. The book has been designed as a clinical tool for radiologists and other clinicians interested in the current diagnostic approach to brain tumors. TOC:Epidemiology, histologic classification and clinical course of brain tumors.- Imaging modalities in brain tumors.- Molecular abnormalities in gliomas.- Low-grade gliomas.- High-grade gliomas.- Pineal tumors.- Embryonal tumors, tumors of cranial nerves.- Meningeal tumors.- Lymphomas and hemopoietic neoplasms.- Masses of the sellar and junxtasellar region.- Brain metastasis.- Scintigraphy in brain tumors.

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