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Anesthesia Informatics

Health Informatics

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Anesthesia Information Management Systems (AIMS) have been in existence for several decades, but their use in clinical practice has been very limited until recently. When initially developed, AIMS were primarily focused on replacing paper records with an electronic form. In parallel, the healthcare industry has recognized that electronic medical records are a key element of improving patient safety and reducing error, with many insurers actively encouraging implementation of electronic medical records. Therefore, interest in adopting AIMS technology is growing within the anesthesia community and this book represents a comprehensive handbook in setting up such a system.

Anesthesia Informatics uses a case-based approach to review the subject in a practical manner and is written with the practicing physician in mind. Therefore, it will help anesthesiologists, anesthesia departments, and hospitals in purchasing the ideal technology for their unique situations and help them to utilize it for the ultimate goal of improving patient safety and health-system efficiency.

The goal of the Editors was to make Anesthesia Informatics readable by a clinician with a problem to solve. Each of the international panel of contributors is an expert on their topic within the book, ensuring highly detailed, academically rigorous chapters. Each contributor is active in using the clinical systems discussed in this book, giving them real-world experience as well as expertise in the theoretical aspects of medical informatics.

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