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Male Reproductive Health and Dysfunction

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3/E 2010

This is the 3rd, totally revised edition of a well-known textbook that continues to represent the gold standard in the literature on clinical andrology. It examines in depth all aspects of male reproductive health, encompassing the basic physiology of male reproductive function and a wide range of disorders. Each of the chapters is written by outstanding experts in the field. Among the topics covered are:

* Testicular function
* Sperm maturation and fertilization
* Diagnostic procedures
* Infertility
* Primary and secondary hypogonadism
* Late-onset hypogonadism
* Erectile dysfunction
* Genetic disorders
* Environmental influences
* Psychology and sexual medicine
* Testosterone therapy
* Assisted reproduction: TESE and ICSI
* Cryopreservation
* Male contraception
* Ethics in andrology

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