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MR Imaging of the Abdomen and Pelvis


Highlights IDKD 2019

IDKD 2018

Presentation, and Up-to-Date Coverage Outstanding - A maximum of expert knowledge presented by an experienced team of authors - Concise presentation of indications and practical guidelines for using MRI, also in comparison with other imaging modalities - Detailed descriptions of MR pulse sequences and imaging protocols as easy-to-read tables Straightforward - Clear and simple drawings - Major findings and differential diagnoses highlighted in tables - Presentation of pitfalls Up-to-Date - Separate chapters on MR angiography and MRI of children - Includes all recent developments and new indications Quick - Excellent introduction, study tool, and work of reference - Practical advice for radiologists in the clinical setting - A complex imaging modality presented in an easy-to-follow manner Illustrated - Over 1000 high-quality abdominal and pelvic MR images - Excellent coverage of the MR appearance of normal anatomy and the most common pathologic entities



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