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Atlas of Temporal Bone Surgery


This atlas helps equip the reader with the essential surgical skills and presents the most important surgical techniques in otology and neurotology.

It describes procedures for both the temporal bone laboratory and the operating room.

A simplified approach to the complex field of otology and neurotology by teaching techniques step-by-step with illustrations.

More than 300 full-color photographs and additional diagrams to describe techniques precisely.

Anatomical orientation photographs for an easy and precise perception of each technique and to avoid confusion.

Clearly labeled illustrations to enable a quick and efficient understanding of the procedures.

Full-page color photographs of the surgical situs, showing details and making the book all the more attractive to read.

Key notes to gain the required skills for execution of surgical perfection, including the precise usage of the burr.

Tips, including salient information required at each particular surgical stage, preventing the need to refer to other sources.



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