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Cardiorenal Syndrome

Mechanisms, Risk and Treatment


Accelerated cardiovascular disease is a frequent complication of chronic kidney disease. Individuals with evidence of renal functional impairment are more likely to die of cardiovascular events than to progress to end stage renal disease.

This relationship, which has been termed the cardiorenal syndrome, exists whether impairment of renal function is a consequence of primary renal parenchymal or primary heart disease.

The mechanisms underlying the cardiorenal syndrome result from a complex interaction of traditional and uremia related cardiovascular risk factors. Prevention and management of cardiovascular disease include aggressive control of traditional risk factors as well novel approach to prevent or reverse uremia related processes.

Chronic kidney disease with a worldwide prevalence of 10% in the general population is emerging as a major public health priority. Renal dysfunction is associated with a high risk for cardiovascular complications. The relationship between renal insufficiency and cardiovascular disease, termed the cardiorenal syndrome exists whether impairment of renal function is a consequence of primary renal parenchymal disease or primary heart disease.

This book provides a comprehensive update analysis of our current understanding of the cardiorenal syndrome, including epidemiology, pathophysiologic mechanisms, and therapeutic approaches.



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