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Atlas and Synopsis of Contact and Occupational Dermatology


This is an outstanding book on the subject of dermatology. In the rapidly growing urban culture and fas life pattern changes, the conception of diseases is also becoming very distinct. Consequently, the suffering and work-day loss due to contact and occupational dermatoses create a tremendous impact on the health system. Therefore, this book is of prime importance for studies and treatment of disease occuring due to occupational conditions or hazards. It is an atlas giving visual descriptions with synopsis for the dermatologists who se and treat all types of skin cases but face difficulty to deal with cases of contact or occupational dermatoses. The bbok deals in detail with footwear dermatitis, airbone contact dermatitis, cosmetic and medicament dermatitis. Special focus is laid on regional contact dermatitis, occupational dermatoses, non-eczematours contact dermatitis and contact urticaria.



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