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Medical Uses of Statistics


Co-published with the New England Journal of Medicine, this book provides both the fundamental techniques and the state-of-the-art information for a clear and current understanding of the use of statistics in the fields of medicine, biostatistics and clinical research. The first and second editions of this book, published over a span of a quarter of a century, has been widely praised as a unique contribution to the field by a gratifying number of readers. Arising from the idea that readers of medicine need a clearer idea of how statistical techniques can be applied in current clinical studies, the editors have reorganized, revamped, and added to an already cogent presentation of recent developments, applicable methods, and best practices in this valuable third edition.

* Is written with the aid of over two-dozen world renowned medical doctors and statisticians
* More than half of the content is new, and the remaining material reflects the new developments in the area of medical statistics that have occurred since the last edition (in 1992).
* Added coverage of survival analysis, epidemiologic methods, genetics, linear regression, contingency tables, power calculations, risk analysis, and alternate forms of statistical methods
* As before, the book focuses on the critical ideas, not the mechanics
* Provides insights and resources for understanding the role of most of the statistical methods that medical practitioners and students will encounter in the literature and in their daily work routines
* Assists the readers in effectively interpreting published results in clinical research.



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