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Colorectal Surgery

Living Pathology in the Operating Room / Softcover printing of the 2006 first edition


As Lord Moynihan frequently mentioned in his legendary lectures, surgeons have the unique opportunity to study pathology in vivo, or in a living state. The pathology is seen in relation to normal anatomy, leading to important surgical judgments that ensure only diseased tissue will be removed, and with minimal damage or sacrifice to normal structures. In addition to influencing surgical design making, observation of living pathology offers a glimpse into the disease process and provides a valuable assessment of the morphological features of the specimen before it is preserved with formalin.

Colorectal Surgery: Living Pathology in the Operating Room is a unique collection of beautifully illustrated cases focusing on the pathology as much as the operative technique used to remove the diseased tissue. One hundred case reports describe unusual findings, or unusual manifestations of more common conditions, encountered by the author during his 40-plus years in practice as a colorectal surgeon. All of the drawings in the book were sketched immediately after the procedures in order to capture the details and significance of the specimen. As finished drawings, Dr. Killingback’s beautiful images increase the reader’s conceptual knowledge of surgical pathology and how it presents. Accompanying text, photos, and diagnostic studies provide the details of patient management and shed further light on the intrinsic art and science of interpreting living pathology, making this a must-have resource for colorectal surgeons and residents as well as general surgeons and surgical pathologists.



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