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Oxford Textbook of Public Health

3 Volumes with CD-ROM


* A fifth edition of the hugely successful, ultimate reference text on international public health and epidemiology
* 3 volumes each covering a distinct area of public health: the scope of public health, the methods of public health, and the practice of public health. Each volume begins with an introduction from the editors
* Edited by an international team from the UK, the US, New Zealand, and the Philippines, offering a truly global perspective
* Includes contributions from eminent policy makers, public health practitioners and academics, from both the developed and developing world
* Essential reading for all those training or practising in this specialty
* Includes a CD-ROM version of the entire text, including colour illustrations
* Chapters begin with an outline of the contents and end with a summary
* Includes a new section on the future of public health

New to this edition
* New chapters that broaden the scope of the book, and recognise recent developments in the field include: globalization; water and sanitation; leadership in public health; community-based intervention trials; gene environment interactions; obesity and physical inactivity; urbanization; and minorities and indigenous populations
* The relevance to practice has been increased, with more material on health needs assessment, clinical epidemiology, and the practical aspects of public health
* The addition of two new co-editors, Mary Ann Lansang and Martin Gulliford, brings new perspectives to the established text
* Increased use of figures and tables throughout the book, as visual aids and data to support the text
* Companion CD included with the book, containing the entire text including figures in colour
* Increased attention on disease and infection, with new chapters examining tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis and liver disease, and emerging diseases
* A new section looks at the future of public health in the 21st century

This fifth edition of the ever-popular Oxford Textbook of Public Health has been thoroughly updated, and remains the ultimate resource on the subject of public health and epidemiology. Two new editors, Mary Ann Lansang and Martin Gulliford, join the established editor team of Roger Detels and Robert Beaglehole, representing a truly global outlook from four continents. The contributors are drawn from across the world, offering perspectives from vastly different health systems, with ranging public health needs and priorities. With contributors including Dr Margaret Chan, Director of the World Health Organization, this book offers a globally comprehensive picture of modern health.

The book retains its approach of dividing the complex, dynamic subject of public health into three topics. First, the scope of public health is covered, looking at the development of the discipline, determinants of health and disease, public health policies, and law and ethics. The second volume focuses on the methods of public health, including the main science behind the discipline - epidemiology. Environmental factors, information systems, and social science techniques are also considered. Finally, the third volume puts the theory into practice, examining specific public health problems and options for prevention and control. As well as identifying these issues by system or disease, there is also an awareness of the unique needs of particular population groups. The book concludes with an analysis of the functions of public health, and a look at the future of public health in the 21st century.

The picture of world health has moved on dramatically since the publication of the fourth edition in 2002. This new edition includes substantial new material on the impact of private support of public health; globalization; water and sanitation; leadership; community-intervention trials; disease and infection; gene environment interactions; obesity and physical inactivity; urbanization; minorities and indigenous populations; health needs assessment; clinical epidemiology; and the practice of public health. This ensures that the Oxford Textbook of Public Health remains the most comprehensive, accessible text for both students and practitioners in public health and epidemiology.



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