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AFIP Atlas of Tumor Pathology Series IV

Fascicle 2: Bones and Joints / free online Access with purchase

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Once of the goals of the 4th Series Tumor Fasciles is the presentation of new molecular findings which add to our understanding of tumor pathogenesis and may additionally be useful diagnostically. Such information is particularly relevant to the study of bone tumors and tumorlike lesions, and the authors have included an up to date summary of where pathologists stand in the application of this new data in this volume.
They are also well aware that the primary mission of the Fascicles is to aid the practicing pathologist in arriving at the correct diagnosis in a difficult case, and for most pathologists any lesion is potentially problematic. Thus, the important dignostic feature of each major lesion (including all known variants) is presented in detail. This includes not only the gross, histopathologic and cytologic findings, but also the clinical and radiographic features of particular importance in dthe DD of bone tumors and their mimics.
Allmost all of the illustrations of pathologic features are now in clor, and the classic references in this filed have been complemented by extensive current literature citations. This volume should prove to be useful for many years.
1. Introduction, 2. Genetics of Bone Tumors, 3. Radiographic Appearance of Bone Tumors, 4. Cartilaginous Lesions
5. Bone-Forming Lesions, 6. Fibrogenic Tumors, 7. "Histiocytic" Tumors, 8. Small Cell Malignancies, 9. Notochordal Tumors
10. Vascular Tumors, 11. Giant Cell Tumor, 12. Adamantinoma of Long Bones, 13. Miscellaneous Tumors,
14. Conditions that Simulate Primary Neoplasms of Bone, 15. Synovial Tumors

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