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A Massage Therapist's Guide to Treating Headaches and Neck Pain

Massage Therapist's Guide to Treating Headaches and Neck Pain

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1. Auflage, 2009

The massage therapist's guide to treating headaches and neck pain is a practical guide for the massage therapist to assist them in identifying appropriate massage treatment for those experiencing headaches and neck pain. The book describes the most common headache types and causes for neck pain that can be effectively addressed with therapeutic massage and associated methods easily incorporated into massage. Assessment procedures are provided both to identify appropriate treatment and to alert the massage therapist to more serious conditions that could be responsible for the symptoms and require a referral for further diagnosis and treatment. Protocols for treatment using massage and other soft tissue methods are provided. The text is written in a practical way that is user friendly.
Incorporates a DVD demonstrating the palpation and treatment methods.
Abundant illustrations and photos
• Easy reference, easy language
• DVD demonstrating methods and technique, such as: massage of face and head, massage of neck; and treatment of breathing pattern disorders and headaches
• Written by two world-renowned authors
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