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Multidetector-Row CT Angiography

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1. Auflage, 2006

Multidetector-row CT has dramatically improved the results of computed tomography in all clinical applications, but its beneficial impact has been most striking in vascular imaging. The simplicity of acquisition and the wide availability of equipment make this modality especially suitable for routine clinical application. In this book the basic aspects of multidetector-row CT angiography are comprehensively reviewed. Individual chapters are included on technical principles, image processing techniques and contrast agent administration. All clinical applications are then discussed in depth, with lucid descriptions of the examination technique for particular clinical indications and of the findings that characterize specific diseases. Limitations and advantages in comparison with other imaging modalities are considered. A large number of high-quality black and white and color illustrations help to explain the clinical findings.

Renowned experience in vascular imaging as demonstrated by large number of articles and lectures on the topic of multidetector-row and CT angiography

R.P. Chairman of the Dept of Radiological Sciences at the University 'La Sapienza' of Rome, Former President of ECR and EAR,

C.C. Chief of Vascular Imaging at the University 'La Sapienza' of Rome

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