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A Necessary Kindness

Stories From the Frontline of Abortion Care

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1. Auflage, 2024

'A frank, comprehensive and often moving book... A powerful insider account that opens a door into a long-hidden world in which secrecy and shame have been weaponised against women for too long.' Observer 'An unflinching insight into the reality of abortion' Irish Independent In 2015, Juno Carey left her job as a midwife, burnt out, frustrated and looking for a better way to deliver care to women. And then she found work that she loves, that brings her satisfaction and the knowledge of helping women, directly and fundamentally, every day. Working in an abortion clinic is not easy, but it is a necessary kindness: Juno's work changes and even saves lives. In this book she shares the stories of the patients she helps there, young and old, single and married, vulnerable and stoical. She cares for women who are already mothers, women who have had to travel to the UK to get help and those who face unimaginable trauma. Urgent, illuminating and deeply human, A Necessary Kindness reveals the misunderstood world of abortion clinics, and deals with a complex issue - around which there is still too much taboo and too little understanding - with gentle compassion and bold conviction. These are the stories we need to share, the conversations we need to be having and the rights we need to protect.

Juno Carey is a midwife practitioner who has worked in abortion care for the last eight years, having been a midwife in the NHS for several years before that. She is a vocal campaigner for reproductive rights as part of her work, and lives in Sussex with her wife and children.
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