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The Infected Implant

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1. Auflage, 2009

Musculosketal infections are potentially devastating for the patient,

his family and the health care services, as they may lead to functional

impairment, long lasting disability, or even permanent handicap.

This problem may also have socioeconomic implications. Infection

commonly results in prolonged use of antibiotics, multiple operations,

complications, extended rehabilitation and long lasting followup

visits with additional costs for the health care provider.

This book covers contributions from international experts who came

together in Potsdam, Germany, at the invitation of Professor Heino

Kienapfel, MD PhD, of the Department of Special Orthopaedic

Surgery and Traumatology of the Centre of Joint Arthroplasty,

Auguste Viktoria Clinics Berlin.

The focus of this book is the state of the art of:

-Antimicrobial Resistances: Facts and Statistics

- Arthroplasty Registers in EU: Status and Development

- Microbiology in Arthroplasty

- Strategies in Antibiotic Treatment

- Spacer Management: Clinical Experiences and Requirements

- Biofilm Creation: Low Grade Infection

- Revision: Cemented vs. Cementless

- Revision: One-stage vs. Two-stage treatment

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