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75 years of forensic medicine in Mainz

From Barrack No. 18 to the High-Tech Institute

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1. Auflage, 2023

If one takes into account the media presence, then forensic medical science is a beacon in the canon of medical disciplines. On the other hand, taking into account the number of experts (there are only about 350 specialists in Germany), this subject is the smallest specialist discipline. In Mainz, forensic medicine at the Johannes Gutenberg University, has since the founding of the institute in 1946 always played a prominent role. There are a number of good reasons why: Excellent personalities have been active here in the institute's leadership (Wagner, Leithoff, Rittner, Urban, Germerott). This is true from a professional point of view, but also with regard to their importance for the further development of the medical faculty at the level of the dean's office and the board of directors. Prof. Dr. Klaus Püschel
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