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A Uro-Oncology Nurse Specialist's Reflection on her Practice Journey

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1. Auflage, 2022

This book provides a unique insight and background of a uro-oncology nurse's career from a personal and professional perspective, one that encapsulates the ever changing dynamics in the nursing profession over 40 years - 1970's to current, 2022.  In writing this book, the objective is to devise a beneficial point of reference, one that is conducive to enlightening individuals within the healthcare profession and the wider context, on the art of reflection and acknowledging its benefits in terms of exploring their feelings and understanding their meaning. 

Reflection is a highly beneficial tool. In this context, the process enables the author to reflect constructively on her nursing career and practice, to highlight the positive as well as the negative aspects within that practice, and illustrate how the experiences gained have contributed to her development, personally and professionally, throughout that journey. Reflection includes deliberate reflection on experience, emotions, actions and responses and acknowledging how essential these have been to informing the author's existing knowledge base and in ensuring a higher level of learning and understanding.  

In the continued quest to deliver optimal healthcare, the objective of reflection is in enabling healthcare individuals e.g. nursing students, newly qualified nurses or those considering change of nursing speciality, to better understand their patients from a holistic standpoint (physical, psychological, psycho-social, spiritual, cultural and economic) and ultimately, improving the individual patient's overall experience - cancer or otherwise, as  well as improving and enhancing practice outcomes.  

The importance of reflection and its contribution to increasing the healthcare professional's self-awareness - emotional, personal and professional, is also well underlined. Various Modules and Case Studies within the book are used to explain and highlight key issues, and to enhance content and visual acuity.

Beverley Anderson is a Macmillan Uro-Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist (MUCNS) at Epsom and St. Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust, UK. She works within Secondary Care at a multi-site District General Hospital, as a member of the Urology department. This role involves working in a multi-disciplinary context within the Tertiary Care and the Primary Care sectors and the Community. Her professional background encompasses a range of abilities, including nineteen years in-depth experience of nursing patients with both urological dysfunction and urological cancers, at various stage of progression. 

Her academic achievements comprise:- MSc Advanced Practice; BSc Hons Nursing; Diploma in Higher Education (Dip HE Nursing). Another aspect of her role has resulted in the delivery of nurse-led services, provision of mentorship to her colleagues and nursing students. The undertaking of projects requiring management, audit, research, and analysis, through to their conclusion. 

As an MUCNS, her role is pivotal in the diagnosis and management of those patients diagnosed with urological cancers. As such, she has a keen interest in increasing an individual's cancer experience, and practice outcomes. Central to achieving this objective have been her observations and reflections on practice, identifying problems and concerns and taking steps to address them. Various Modules and Case Studies within the book are used to explain and highlight key issues, and  to enhance content and visual acuity.
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