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Allergic and NonAllergic Systemic Reactions including Anaphylaxis , An Issue of Immunology and Allergy Clinics of North America, E-Book

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1. Auflage, 2021

In this issue of Immunology and Allergy Clinics, guest editors Panida?Sriaroon,?Dennis?K. Ledford, and Richard?F. Lockey bring their considerable expertise to the topic of Allergic and NonAllergic Systemic Reactions including Anaphylaxis. Top experts in the field cover key topics such as Perioperative anaphylaxis, Fatal and near-fatal allergic reactions to food, Anaphylaxis in infants and toddlers, and more.
  • Contains 15 relevant, practice-oriented topics including Anaphylaxis and systemic allergic reactions?with?allergen immunotherapy; Spectrum of mast cell disorders and anaphylaxis; Epinephrine use and underuse in severe allergic?reactions; Anaphylaxis due to exercise, insect venom, and idiopathic anaphylaxis; and more. 

  • Provides in-depth clinical reviews on Allergic and NonAllergic Systemic Reactions including Anaphylaxis, offering actionable insights for clinical practice. 

  • Presents the latest information on this timely, focused topic under the leadership of experienced editors in the field. Authors synthesize and distill the latest research and practice guidelines to create clinically significant, topic-based reviews. 

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