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Anesthesia in Low-Resourced Settings

Near Misses and Lessons Learned

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1. Auflage, 2021

This book outlines the many anesthesia-related obstacles, concerns, and challenges that may be encountered by western trained anesthesiologist in low-resourced settings. 

Each chapter presents a challenging scenario with solutions. It is therefore an essential handbook that will prepare those performing anesthesia in this milieu. All case studies represent real accounts discussing equipment and drug constraints as well as the ethical questions that arise for western doctors working in this environment.

Socially conscious and timely, Anesthesia in Low-Resourced Settings is an invaluable resource for medical practitioners who plan to work in these challenging settings.

John G. Brock-Utne MD, PhD, FCMSA is an Emeritus Professor of Anesthesia, now working in the in Department of Anesthesiology, Peri-operative & Pain Medicine at Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford CA 94305, USA.  He has had many years' experience working in low resourced settings.

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