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A Strategic Approach to Knee Arthritis Treatment

From Non-Pharmacologic Management to Surgery

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1. Auflage, 2021

This book presents the latest knowledge on all aspects of osteoarthritis of the knee. Beyond offering a thorough evidence-based review of the available treatment options, it provides helpful information on such fundamental aspects as anatomy, biomechanics, biochemistry, etiology, pathogenesis, and radiologic assessment. The treatment-oriented chapters cover non-pharmacologic treatment, drug treatment, intra-articular drug and/or cell-based injection therapy, arthroscopic treatment, osteotomy, and joint replacement surgery. The goal is to equip the reader with a sound understanding of both the condition itself and the appropriate treatment strategy in different situations. The importance of taking into account factors such as the degree of arthritis, patient activity, lifestyle, and pain when formulating that strategy is emphasized. The fact that the book extends well beyond the description of surgical treatments means that it will be an excellent source of information and guidance for general clinicians as well as for those who specialize in the management of musculoskeletal disorders.

Seung-Suk Seo graduated from Pusan National University medical college in 1984 and got a doctor's license. He got MS degree from Busan National University in 1990 and PhD degree from Inje University in 1996. He was trained as orthopaedic surgeon at Busan Paik Hospital. His medial career started from 1992 as orthopaedic surgeon with knee subspecialty at Busan Paik Hospital. Also He had worked as professor at Inje University medical college for 20 years. He had moved to private hospital (Busan Bumin Hospital) in 2012. Since that, he has worked as president in Haeundae Bumin Hospital. He is actively participating in clinical work but also administrative work. He operates more than 800 cases HTO,  knee arthroplasty and arthroscopic surgery per year. His clinical interests is knee osteoarthritis and sports medicine related to knee joint.

Seung-Suk Seo is an active member of domestic and international orthopaedic and knee societies. He is international member of AAOS, AAHKS and ESSKA. He is active member of ISAKOS, ICRS and SICOT. He is a member of editorial board of journal of HSS. He was president of Korean Knee Society (2018). He is present president of Busan, Ulsan and Kyungnam Regional Orthopaedic society (2020) and is elected president of CAOS Korea (2021).

Seung-Suk Seo published 132 articles in the domestic and international peer reviewed journal. He wrote many chapters in the Korean based-books which were edited by Korean Orthopaedic Association and Korean Knee Society. He won the best article of the year of Korean Orthopedic Research Society (2007), the best article of the year of Korean Arthroscopy Society (2008) and Korean Knee Society (2008). He won encouragement award of year of Korean Orthopaedic Association (2014). He received President's community service award od Korean Medial Association (2007) and Mayor's community service award of Busan (2008).
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